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We’ve all heard the term “white-collar crime” in the news during major events like the Enron scandal and the Bernie Madoff trial. However, these allegations don’t always make international news. Good people face such charges nearly every day, and in many cases, these individuals have either faced violations of their rights or false accusations against them. Regardless of the situation, someone finds themselves in, the consequences they’re facing could upend their entire life. That’s why working with a white-collar crime lawyer in Lakeland is so important.

At DeMichael Law, we’ve seen what can happen when serious charges are levied against a person. In far too many instances, these cases are resolved to the benefit of police and prosecutors. Unfortunately, this doesn’t necessarily mean justice has been served. If you’re accused of extortion, counterfeiting, fraudulent activity, or other white-collar crimes, it’s important that you have legal representation advocating for your best interests. At DeMichael Law, that’s precisely what we offer. Contact us today.

What Is a White Collar Crime?

In some instances, a person may not even realize they’re facing white-collar crime charges. That’s because definitions of this term can vary significantly. However, the most typical definition includes non-violent offenses that involve concealment or deceit in an effort to garner economic benefits or advantages on a personal or business level. If this definition of white-collar crime sounds broad, that’s because it is. In fact, all the following criminal allegations can fall into this category:

  • Commodities fraud
  •  Embezzlement
  •  Medicaid fraud
  •  Forgery
  •  Credit card fraud
  •  Identity theft
  •  Corporate fraud
  •  Insider trading
  •  Internet fraud
  •  Racketeering
  • Securities fraud
  • Tax evasion
  • Mortgage fraud

Clearly, this is an extensive list. However, it is very far from exhaustive. People have faced white-collar charges due to intellectual property theft, blackmail, bank fraud, and various other actions. These allegations can result in state or federal criminal charges — and in some cases, even both. This could lead to a person being tried multiple times for the same accusation — something that’s typically unheard of in the criminal justice system.

This is why it’s so important to have a Lakeland white-collar crime attorney on your side. At DeMichael Law, we’ll review your case during an initial consultation and help you determine what your next move should be.

What Are the Penalties for a White Collar Offense?

No internet resource can tell you the specific penalties you’ll face for a white-collar criminal conviction. There are simply too many variables to consider. For instance, penalties could vary significantly depending on whether a person is facing federal or state charges. Additionally, there could be aggravating factors that affect potential sentences. For instance, healthcare fraud that steals money from hundreds of seniors could easily result in a more severe sentence than a single act of Medicaid fraud that wrongfully reimburses a physician.

The critical thing to remember is that prosecutors often want to make an example of those they charge with white-collar crimes. We’ve seen sentences in excess of 800 years handed down. Additionally, there are many consequences that occur outside the legal realm. Even an accusation that leads to no conviction or just a short probation stint can ruin a company’s reputation or drag an individual through the proverbial media mud. This is why white-collar criminal defense is so complex.

Don’t try to take on the system alone. Contact DeMichael Law Today.

Should You Accept a Deal in Your White Collar Criminal Case?

If you’re accused of a white-collar crime, you have no doubt been informed of the seriousness of the charges. Most people are terrified in these situations, making them more likely to accept a plea deal from prosecutors. This is completely understandable. When someone says, “You can plead guilty and go to jail for a year, or we can go to trial, and you’ll face 20 years,” accepting a plea deal sounds like a pretty good option. However, it’s imperative for you to speak with a Lakeland white-collar criminal defense lawyer before making any decisions.

In many instances, plea deals are offered because prosecutors are unsure if they can prove their case. As such, simply speaking with an attorney may result in charges being dropped rather than a criminal conviction. Of course, it’s not always possible to avoid a conviction. In such instances, having an attorney on your side is still wise. These legal professionals can help negotiate a fair plea agreement on your behalf — perhaps down to probation.

And if prosecutors refuse to treat you fairly, a skilled white-collar defense attorney in Lakeland can represent you at trial. Don’t make any assumptions about your case or agree to anything before speaking with a lawyer.

Contact a White Collar Crime Lawyer in Lakeland Today

Clearly, white-collar crimes are taken very seriously on both state and federal levels. In countless instances, individuals convicted of these charges have faced sentences longer than those convicted of murder. This is one of the many reasons a criminal defense attorney is so essential once charges have been levied against you — or even before formal allegations have been filed. You need an advocate on your side who’s dedicated to securing a favorable outcome on your behalf.

That’s precisely what you’ll get at DeMichael Law. Our legal practice can deal with issues ranging from bankruptcy fraud and bribery all the way to violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The important thing to remember is that your case is unlike any other. It requires an in-depth examination by an attorney and a defense strategy catered to its unique circumstances. Contact us at our law offices today by calling (863) 216-1831.

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