Our Customer Reviews

Andrea was very helpful and knowledgeable in my time of need.

Karey M.

The most helpful, caring, and determined legal representation that can be found. I truly recommend DeMichael Law!!!

Rob J.

I was referred to DeMichael law great attorney I had a injunction order and yesterday was dismissed so grateful for that was worth the money now I can move on with my life… Highly recommend.


I am so pleased to share my positive experience with Andrea DeMichael who provided me with legal representation. I was in need of a competent attorney to help me clear my name. Mrs. DeMichael was the perfect choice.

Throughout the legal process, Mrs. DeMichael was professional, knowledgeable, understanding, patient and always kept me informed of the progress of my case on My Case portal. She was always available to answer my questions and provided me with the support I needed during this difficult time.

Mrs. DeMichael was compassionate and understanding of my situation, which made the process a lot easier to manage. She was able to build a strong case in my favor, which ultimately led to the positive outcome.

Her knowledge and expertise in this area of law are impressive and I am grateful for the dedication and hard work that she put into my case.

Thank you, Mrs. DeMichael for your exceptional work and for helping me get through this challenging time. I am forever grateful!

Johana G.

DeMichael Law was AMAZING. I was having trouble getting my contract from my boss. Attorney Andrea DeMichael understood immediately my trouble. She was very eager to learn more about said contract and she didn't miss any details when it came down to trying to find the solution.

With her help I was able to get my contract. Michelle and Andrea are very understanding, very sweet. They stay in contact with you and I don't think I could have found anyone better than DeMichael law to help me with my situation.

DeMichael Law is the firm to go to when you need people who check everything and people to help get what you need done quickly and with reason!

Robin C.

Attorney DeMichael is a honest, hard-working Attorney that cares. She has helped me with her wise advice to help secure justice and honesty when it comes to issues of life and the law. Thank You Attorney DeMichael!

Seilerschool S.

DeMichael Law is great! Andrea is quick to respond to any questions or inquires & always has an answer or suggestion. She’s attentive to detail and works efficiently to get the job done! Would recommend her over and over!

Chelsea D.

She was my lawyer and did a great job. Her effort and communication was super, and made me feel secure through the entire process. I had the best resolution possible also, and I know it wouldn't have happened without her. 10/10 recommend.

Andres A.

I couldn't be prouder of my daughter, Andrea, who has grown into an exceptional attorney. Her dedication to justice and defending freedom is truly inspiring. Not only is she highly professional, honest, and trustworthy, but she also gives back to the community in meaningful ways. If you're seeking a skilled and caring legal advocate, Andrea is the one to turn to.

Karen D.

I am filled with pride for my daughter, Andrea, who has become an outstanding legal professional. Her strong belief in justice, coupled with her unwavering integrity, truly distinguishes her. Andrea's thorough approach leaves no detail unexplored, ensuring the best possible results for her clients. If you're seeking a dedicated and adept attorney, Andrea is the one to rely on for top-tier legal representation.

Carmine D.

Our attorney, Andrea, was the BEST investment we made in order to secure our future. She was detailed, involved and communicated great. She did an amazing job, was reassuring, and held our hands when needed during the process. 11/10 recommend, you will not regret it.

Ester V.

I reached out to attorney Andrea deMichael a couple days ago, because I am facing a pretty serious charge, I can’t express enough how much she already has helped me and already done stuff for me, despite not even paying her a dollar yet, she’s very thorough and she likes to get all the facts, as well as always answering all my questions to help reduce the stress of my worrying. Her prices are very reasonable as well, especially for how good of attorney she is!


Attorney DeMichael is reliable and communicates well with her clients. She is consistent about responding to emails and phone calls.
She has an extensive legal background and knows her job well. She knows what defenses are and aren’t applicable to cases. She genuinely cares about the outcome of her cases and sincerely wants to help people. I recommend her to my clients all of the time!

Jill T.

One of the best attorneys I had yet

Justin P.

Did everything I need and great communication thank you

Bobby S.

Such a lovely person to work with. Needed some paperwork to be drawn up and Mrs DeMichael was attentive and worked efficiently while providing the best service and giving updates as much as she could. Highly recommend!

Samantta A.

Andrea is a great lawyer. Very Professional... Worth every penny... So happy with the outcome... Couldn't have been better other than the case being dropped completely... Made the process much less stressful for me and my family... Always kept me up to date with events and information on the case as it came to light... I highly recommend hiring her... Your case will be in good hands...

Galore R.

Demetrius was facing a min/mandatory up to 30 years. Ms Andrea had it dismissed in 8 months. She executed her job well !

Demetrius H.

I gave her five stars because she represented me well. She stayed in contact with me. I was satisfied with her negotiating skills. I would hire her again. I would recommend her to anyone needing a lawyer.

Luis R.